"Lori" Elenewich, the former Eleonore Rangnick was born into a privileged home in The Free City of Danzig where tragedy would follow at age ten, when her mother passed away, something she never quite got over until shortly before her own death. Mrs. Elenewich maintained magnificent health throughout her eight-eighty years, with a medicine cabinet normally void of supply. She travelled Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean, usually independently until almost age eighty, pursuing her lifelong focus on anthropology and the arts. In environments she cared about was never seen in the same outfit twice even in her eighties, youthfully getting away with being seen in knee revealing dresses at a Four Seasons Hotel dining room far from home when many her age would have been confined to a conservative bridge night in their den. (Greyhound Angels Adoption charity in Pennsauken, New Jersey now have the majority of her apparel.) Five feet tall but secure enough to explore the world on her own, perhaps her most notable and more local treks were when she, in her own way was "freedom riding" in the South in the 1950's before the term was even created and made it back to her home in Manhattan quite in one piece! She has been referred to as "sophisticated", "charming", "overly cultured" but one stern look out of her face could knock over a building. "Unique" was another term, bringing her European film contract requests (she refused; was brought up very formally...) in her twenties, during when, specifically at the shy age of twenty-four had her first "date", followed by being extremely sought after and becoming a fiancee three times. Though loving people and a lively atmosphere, she most likely would have at the time traded the popularity for a private box at the opera (wait-she had that!)
1 JANUARY 1925 - 21 JULY 2013
Mrs. Elenewich was of Roman Catholic and Lutheran ancestry, a former member of The Women's Club of Cranbury, The Unami Chapter of The Archaeology Society of New Jersey through the end of her husband's post as president, the last decades of her life was a resident of Main Street, Cranbury followed by Rossmoor Adult Community.
Please know Mrs. Elenewich experienced no long term suffering before her unexpected death, was awarded every medical opportunity for survival and bittersweetly perhaps just avoided a most probable, virtual blindness in time. As her niece by marriage, Veronica Kurian recently said, "She lived her life on her own terms" and it is assumed she exited on those same terms, though under sedation when she felt the time was right.
All arrangements have been and will be directed by Chiacchio Southview Funeral Home, www.chiacchiosouthview.com of 990 South Broad Street, Trenton, New Jersey 08611, USA due to their ability to customize ceremony and deal with special requests "beyond the box". Mrs. Elenewich would be, as her immediate loved ones are most grateful for their existence at a long, difficult time.
"Lori" was survived by her son, Claude Elenewich, her "second son", John D. Farmer III and across the Atlantic, nephew, Wolfgang Losert and sister, Edeltraud Losert, not forgetting cousin, Klaus Sobiech in Nassau, Bahamas.